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On this page I try to collect links to various pages I'm part of writing, and some information about myself. If you're interested in getting in touch you can find contact information on this page as well. A lot of the information is in Norwegian only. Sorry about that.

Short information about me

Born in 1973. Lived my whole life in Trondheim, Norway, except for the Spring of 2004 when I stayed in Copenhagen. Graduated from The Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Departement of Engineering Cybernetics in 1996. Started working for UNINETT in 1997, and I still work for them.

Name: Anders Lund | Nick: Lon

Bilde av meg
Mobile: +47 93034126
ICQ: 61005670
Skype: lundersand
Twitter: Lon_

CV (in Norwegian)

Junior (last from b:Lo[n|g])

Ble født klokken 10:10 den 30. juli 2010.


Re: Lukker ned TUR (Trondheim Underground Radio Forum)

Har foreløpig ikke tenkt så langt på hva som skal gjøres med historikken. :-) [...]

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